Tower Gardening

Tower Garden Systems, What’s the deal?

Vertical gardening, also referred as “hydroponic tower,” “hydroponic grow system,”  “Tower garden” or  hydroponic “vertical garden” are hydroponic systems that allow horticulturists to grow all kind of plants in a well-organized vertical structure.

In vertical tower gardens, less space is used, faster growth is achieved, and soil-related problems are non-existent. In addition, less water and nutrient solution are wasted due to their recycling capabilities, and indoor growing allows for year-round crops.

In other words, vertical grow towers are hydroponic systems that utilize motorized pumps, water, and hydroponic nutrient solution to grow herbs, fruits and any other type of plant. Each system has numerous “residential units,” which are essentially the holes on the sides of the system which house each plant. The towers stand upright, are compact, portable, easy to use, and are extremely efficient. For their square footage, it is quite amazing how much produce each tower can yield.



Vertical garden are very popular in homes, offices, and business. However, hydroponic towers are increasingly being utilized outdoors as well; in traditional gardening plots, terraces, urban farms and other agricultural upstarts.

What to do before you begin your Tower Gardening System:

It is important to know that no matter what kind of growing system you might have, growing plants will always require  light, water, and hydroponic nutrient solutions.

Let’s take a look!

Light – Plants need a lot of sunlight to thrive. We know that 10 to 12 hours of light can be enough for a plant to grow healthy on average. Of course, you can have your tower close to a window, but it will be better off if you have a light source upon your system.

See some alternatives:lights

Temperature – Stable conditions in plants environment are required. The temperature recommended for this kind of hydroponic systems are 60-75 degree range depending of the plant. To keep track of the temperature, we suggest the following:



Nutrients – In Tower Gardening, the use of nutrients are crucial. For this reason, nutrients such as Complete Hydroponics are required in every stage. The best option you can find is Agua A&B, CompleZym, and PK 13/14.

Take a look:

aga - comple - pk

pH Adjusters – Adjuster are necessary to control levels of acidity in the solution. Plants use to have different pH tolerance this is why is so important to keep pH regulators with you at any time either to down or rise the pH levels.

pH Adjusters:


pH Calibration Solution:

pH cal.jpg

Growing Mediums – While the nutrient solution provides the nourishment in hydroponic grow towers, grow mediums act as a support for the plant and its root system, while also providing aeration and drainage. Some vertical grow system include grow mediums with purchase of the kit, while others do not.

IMG_2819 (1)


Air flow – Vertical gardens systems require airflow in both its surroundings and the roots. So, keep in mind that air circulation is very important.


This is the basic knowledge to keep a vertical tower system running. There are several types of Tower Systems; some of them are already made and easy to assemble and some others can be built by using PBC pipes and bucket systems; a classic (DIY).

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