Plants only take nutrients in the form of Ionic Salts

Believe it or not, both hydroponic and organic nutrients are absorbed by plants as a form of ionic salt. One is available for immediate uptake and the other needs bio-active intervention.

In Hydroponics, nutrients are just formulas that contain different concentrations of elements which are critical for plants’ development. Once these elements are in contact with water, the ions present in the formula are released for plant’s abortion.


Now, the quality of the product will always depend on the source-material used in their formula (organic or synthetic); the methods used to mix them, the precision in their ratios, solubility, level of toxicity, and the level of salt concentration contained in the solution; just to name a few.

You must know that all Plant Nutrients are available as Ionic Salts

I am not talking about table salt. Hydroponic Salts are any chemical compounds that can be formed by the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base, and when this is dissolved in water, it breaks up completely into ions. Once the ions are free in the solution, the plant root system does the work and takes them up for growth and reproduction.

For example: Potassium chloride (KCl) is common in fertilizer and is made up of a potassium ion (K) and a chlorine ion (Cl). When salts are dissolved in water, the ions in the salt separate and are no longer joined together. They are now properly called ions, not salt. This may seem like something silly, but it is an important distinction for properly understanding the effect of salts on soil and plants.

Let’s see en example of table salt breaking up into ions:

Plants DON’T get the Nitrogen directly from fertilizers

That’s right! When we talk about plants and the famous N-P-K; we are not telling you what is really happening.  The truth is that plants get the nitrogen through absorbing nitrate ions (NO3) which contain nitrogen and oxygen. Once inside the plant, they separate the nitrogen from the oxygen and use it. The same goes for sulfur which is absorbed as a sulfate ion (SO4) and phosphorus which is absorbed as a phosphate ion (PO4). Other nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium are absorbed as simple ions that don’t include the oxygen.

This is an example of what happens in normal conditions:

nitrate cycle

“Keep in mind that the nutrients that plants use for development are exactly the same as the ions resulting from fertilizer salts. “

The best and most balanced concentration index either for Veg or Flower.

Salts could be dangerous if their concentrations rates are above average.  For example, manure which is an organic compost has to be used with caution because it is well known that it possesses high concentration of ionic salts. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the nutrient is coming form an organic source or not, if you don’t understand the mechanism that plants use to feed themselves, you can harm them without notice.

So, what kind of materials must be used to make a  fertilizer pure, effective, harmless, powerful, easy for fast absorption, and compatible with all kind of plants?

American companies like Complete Hydroponics LLC, are recognized to be one of the best and most balanced nutrients in the hydroponic industry along with its organic fertilizer Complete Gardening.We cannot tell you how they make their products, but we can tell you that when we were visiting their facilities in Florida to get some advice for our Hydroponic Projects (which they also offer without any charge) we could see that the most important part in the creation of their nutrients is the raw material used in the formulas and their sources. The material used for Complete Hydroponics nutrients comes from the finest mineral deposits in the world and every time you are using this brand you are feeding your plants with outstanding nutrients made with natural premium ingredients; that’s a fact!

These are the best hydroponic nutrients for dwc, coco, and soil:

What about Organic Nutrients? 

Organic materials are composed of cells that contain big molecules. For example, DNA contains phosphorus; proteins contain sulfur and nitrogen; plant’s chlorophyll has magnesium and nitrogen. All Organic materials contain loose ions floating around the cells, waiting the right time to be used to produce larger molecules.

Now that we have a little bit of understanding about ions and the role they play in our lives, we must conclude that loose ions in water, soil, and organic matter are exactly the same as the ions derived from fertilizers; it doesn’t matter where they come from, an ion is an ion and plants just need a very specific number of them to thrive.

People in Complete Hydroponics always joke around about the use of plants to feed plants just like we use meat to feed humans?  It sounds crazy, but it is not.

Let say that we want to find the most powerful organism in the world, and break down its organic components to obtain the molecules that we need to feed either ourselves or our plants. Do you have any idea what would it be? Well, the answer to this question is ALGAE.

These nutrients contains algae extracts ready for your plants:

Algae is a very powerful organism. It is so strong that it has been around for millions of years without any problem. Algae are the secret ingredient in all soluble organic fertilizers in the world and we have the best source in the planet.

Grow Additives:

Algae alone can give you so much that your plant won’t need anything else extra to grow powerful flower, fruits, or vegetables. Complete Hydroponics has three categories in their Hydroponic line to provide a successful harvest without expending crazy amounts of money.

You have Bases for the vegetative stage, grow additives for roots and development, and Bloom enhancers to boost flower production. You DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE.

Flower Enhancers:

As we always say, you are free to choose whatever you consider is the best for your plants for a fair price, but don’t spend your money in products that are just the same with different labels. Try the nutrients your plants really need, and see for yourself the results those nutrients bring to you. Only results are the proof of your success. Only results can reveal if a product is good or not for your plants..


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