Disney Animatedly Supports Hydroponics

Since the park opened in 1982, Disney has showed millions of people, of all ages, a new way of gardening. Living With The Land is a ride in Epcot that takes guests on a boat ride tour through their greenhouse. In the green house they exhibit all kinds of different agriculture.

Showing the different types of farming done throughout history, the effects of weather on crops, and the difficulties we’ve faced while using older farming techniques. Disney is always ahead of the curb when it comes to technology and innovation. Towards the end of the ride, guests are introduced to the “farming of the future”, hydroponics.


Hydroponic technology is used abundantly in the attraction. Lettuce, herbs, and a variety of other plants, are grown hydroponically in the greenhouses. Using less resources, space, time of growth, and energy, it’s so efficient and effective that about 500 heads of lettuce are grown and used weekly at Sunshine Seasons, the food court a few feet away from the attraction.

Using this attraction as a way of introducing hydroponics to people who may have never heard of it before. Epcot Living with the Land also introduces this method to children, and incorporates the learning into an amusement ride. Teaching the next generation how important it is to use recourses efficiently with hydroponics, making it a more well known method.

Although the Living with the Land attraction only briefly introduces the uses of hydroponics and aquaponics, there is a Behind the Seeds tour option for guests who are more intrigued by the topic. This tour is a more detailed explanation of the logistics in the greenhouses and gives the guests more freedom to explore the attraction, the hydroponic and aquaponic systems, giving samples of the produce grown, and take special behind the scenes photos.


Disney will continue this trend and will keep providing the world with the knowledge of hydroponic methods they have been using for the past three decades. Maintaining the circulation of knowledge is as important to the world as maintaining the circulation of water is to a hydroponic system!


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