Canna vs. Complete Hydroponics

In the hydroponics industry, every company promises better results and services than their competition. The most important points to consider when comparing companies would have to be their products, their accessibility, and their locations.

Today, we’ll evaluate some key differences between two well known brands: Canna and Complete Hydroponics. Here are some things that should be evaluated before considering which brand to pick.


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The main differences between Canna products and Complete Hydroponics products is that, for hydroponic purposes, Canna requires two different base nutrient products called Vega and Flores. Both of these products require part A & B, a total of 4 bottles for just the base nutrient, costing roughly $70 for 1L of each 4 nutrient bottles. For Complete Hydroponics, every base nutrient product also require parts A & B but there is only one bottle per product so a total of 2 bottles per media, costing about $30 for 1qt of both,  making things a lot easier and less costly. This trend does continues for some products when comparing Canna and Complete Hydroponics.

Online Purchasing/Accessibility:


When looking to purchase a product there’s two ways of going about it: in store or online. Unfortunately if you live in Kansas or Idaho there aren’t any locations to buy either of these brands in your state. Fortunately, we have the internet! Online stores are the most convenient way of purchasing anything without having to leave the comfort of your home. Canna, unfortunately, doesn’t have an option on their web site to buy their products directly from them but you can always look for third party vendors and buy their products that way. For Complete Hydroponics, products are a lot easier to access. They have all of their products on their website, ready to order. Getting products directly from the source, without worrying about getting scammed, is something a lot of people tend to worry about. Nothing’s worse than not getting what you paid for.


In-Store Purchasing Locations:


If you’re not too techy and like to do things a little bit more old fashion or you’re just more tactile and like to see the products in person, in-store purchasing is how you’d feel more comfortable. Both Canna and Complete Hydroponics have stores selling their products spanning across the U.S.. Canna has stores with their products all along the east and west coast and throughout a few inland states, which is convenient for the more personal shopper. Complete Hydroponics is more concentrated in the state of  Colorado, Florida, Michigan, most of the east coast states, and with one store on the west coast located in Oregon.

So, while Canna does have more purchasing locations, Complete Hydroponics offers more user friendly products at a lower price and are more accessible online. With this brand comparison, Complete Hydroponics is a clear winner. On top of the convenience, their products also offer results that thousands of customers can attest to.


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