Sensizym vs. Cannazym vs. Complezym

Usually when I walk into a hydroponics store and find myself engaging in conversation with fellow growers two topics are sure to come up: 1) Are enzymes really all that worth it? The answer to this question is a simple one, “Yes, absolutely, and go buy some right now”. There is more on the benefits of enzymes in previous blog entries, independent studies, and forums throughout the internet so I wont dive on this burned subject. The second question though deserves some pondering 2) with all the enzyme products out there which is the best?

Here we go:

Complete Hydroponics Complezym has 15 enzymes (or so the manufacturer says) all Food-Grade, OMRI and non-GMO. At first glance we like that fact that it is on a see-through bottle which allows us to see the contents inside. A yellowish tint fills the bottle, free of precipitates, and smells of a sweet vinaigrette.

After putting it through a couple of tests we noticed that it degrated cellulose much quicker than some of the other competitors. The manufacturer claims that it doesnt only degrade cellulose into poly-saccharides, but that it further reduces these sugars into proteins and amino acids. Videos are below.


Interested in more learning more? Click on the link below:

The versus results of Complete Hydroponics against Advanced Nutrients Sensizym were apparent after only a few hours. Advanced Nutrients Sensizym ate away a little at the outer edges of the cellulosic material while Complete Hydroponics Complezym disintegrated it completely. Sensiym also has 1 enzyme, Cellulase, as opposed to 15 or whatever. And it seems to be less active over all. Maybe denatured? Idk. Overpriced and under-performing.



Next up is Canna Nutrients Cannazym. Cannazym has been a staple of hydroponic nutrients enzymes for a long time. Standing at times side to side with the biggest BS in the industry (Hygrozym – doesnt even have enzymes btw). Canna Nutrient’s Cannazym also comes in a see-through bottle displaying a dark-reddish color. The manufacturer claims that it has several strains of Trichoderma reesei but doesnt exactly list how many. Performance was decent, showing much more degradation over Advanced Nutrients Sensizym but still fell short of Complete Hydroponics Complezym. Not by much though. So next we have to go to pricing. Complezym stands at $35/Liter but most retailers give a 10% discount I have found leaving it at around $31 or so. Cannazym is usually around $39-41. I’ll save my money, and take the slightly better version.




Watch the videos below to understand how Complezym works, why it works, and how to best use it in your garden:






Let us know your comments, your results, or anything else you want to share.


  1. test payed for by the bad enzyme producers canna and the other, sensizym last a year longer shelf life, has more than any competitors in beneficial active ingredients. actually over 80 various, do Your Research before popping lies out here..


    1. Give me a break! You talk about “more beneficial active ingredients” and over 80 various? Dude, let me tell you something before you get offended by my post. You don’t know what is inside of these products so stop talking random bs. I have been using these products and if I have to choose between these 3, I’ll stay with either with Complete or Canna. The truth about Sensizym is that they preservatives so it can last longer on the shelves and if you don’t know, preservatives kill both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria. Now, for those who know what I am talking about, this is the real deal; Canna and Complete work well. However, Complete Hydroponics CompleZym does something really cool, it dissolves organic matter and transforms that into fuel while keeping the roots clean and white just as explained in the video (I did it myself). On the other hand, Cannazym will do the job but the only problem is that for some reason, this product mess up the rhizosphere and some of your roots system. So, if you ask me, I’ll stay with CompleZym.


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