Florida Noxious Weeds Law

Illegal Noxious Weeds

Definition: Any living stage, including, but not limited to, seeds and productive parts, of a parasitic or other plant of a kind, or subdivision of a kind, which may be a serious agricultural threat in Florida or have a negative impact on the plant species protected under Statute 581.185.

It is unlawful to introduce, possess, move, or release any plant pest or noxious weed regulated by the department and the USDA except under permit issued by the department or the USDA. No permit shall be issued unless the department has determined that procedures exist to adequately contain the plant pest or noxious weed or that it will not pose a threat to the agricultural industry or the environment.

Parasitic Weeds.
Aeginetia spp. – aeginetia
Alectra spp. – alectra
Cuscuta spp. Only the native Florida species are excluded from this list. These include C.americana, C. compacta, C. exaltata, C. gronovii, C. indecora, C. obtusiflora,C. pentagona, C. umbellata Orobanche spp. – broomrapes


Terrestrial Weeds.
Ageratina adenophora – crofton weed
Alternanthera sessilis – sessile joyweed
Abrus precatorius – rosary pea
Ardisia crenata – coral ardisia
Ardisia elliptica – shoebutton ardisia
Asphodelus fistulosus – onionweed
Avena sterilis – animated oat, wild oat
Borreria alata – broadleaf buttonweed
Carthamus oxyacantha – wild safflower
Casuarina equisetifolia – Australian pine
Casuarina glauca – suckering Australian pine
Chrysopogon aciculatus – pilipiliula
Colubrina asiatica – latherleaf
Commelina benghalensis – Benghal dayflower
Crupina vulgaris – common crupina
Cupaniopsis anacardioides – carrotwood
Digitaria scalarum – African couchgrass, fingergrass
Digitaria velutina – velvet fingergrass, annual couchgrass
Dioscorea alata – white yam
Dioscorea bulbifera – air potato
Drymaria arenarioides – lightning weed
Emex australis – three-corner jack
Emex spinosa – devil’s thorn
Euphorbia prunifolia – painted euphorbia
Galega officinalis – goat’s rue
Heracleum mantegazzianum – giant hogweed
Imperata brasiliensis – Brazilian satintail
Imperata cylindrica – cogongrass
Ipomoea triloba – little bell, aiea morning glory
Ischaemum rugosum – murainograss
Leptochloa chinensis – Asian sprangletop
Leucaena leucocephala – lead tree
Ligustrum sinense – Chinese privet, except the cultivar ‘Variegatum’ Lycium ferocissimum – African boxthorn
Lygodium japonicum – Japanese climbing fern
Lygodium microphyllum – small-leaved climbing fern
Melaleuca quinquenervia – melaleuca

Melastoma malabathricum – Indian rhododendron. Mikania cordata – mile-a-minute
Mikania micrantha – climbing hempweed
Mimosa invisa – giant sensitive plant


Mimosa pigra – catclaw mimosa
Nassella trichotoma – serrated tussock
Neyraudia reynaudiana – Burma reed
Nymphoides cristata – crested floating heart
Nymphoides peltata – yellow floating heart
Opuntia aurantiaca – jointed prickly pear
Oryza longistaminata – red rice
Oryza punctata – red rice
Oryza rufipogon – wild red rice
Paederia cruddasiana – sewer-vine
Paederia foetida – skunk-vine
Paspalum scrobiculatum – Kodomillet
Pennisetum clandestinum – Kikuyu grass
Pennisetum macrourum – African feathergrass Pennisetum pedicellatum – Kyasuma grass
Pennisetum polystachyon – missiongrass, thin napiergrass Prosopis spp.
Pueraria montana – kudzu
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa – downy myrtle
Rottboellia cochinchinensis – itchgrass
Rubus fruticosus – bramble blackberry
Rubus molluccanus – wild raspberry
Saccharum spontaneum – wild sugarcane
Salsola vermiculata – wormleaf salsola
Sapium sebiferum – Chinese tallow tree
Scaevola taccada – beach naupaka
Schinus terebinthifolius – Brazilian pepper-tree
Setaria pallidefusca – cattail grass
Solanum tampicense – wetland nightshade
Solanum torvum – turkeyberry
Solanum viarum – tropical soda apple
Tridax procumbens – coat buttons
Triadica sebifera – Chinese tallow tree
Urochloa panicoides – liverseed grass


Prohibited Aquatic Plants
Alternanthera philoxeroides – alligatorweed, green lead plant Casuarina spp. – Australian Pine
Crassula helmsii – awamp stone crop
Eichhornia spp. – waterhyacinth
Hydrilla verticillata – hydrilla, Florida elodea, stargrass, oxygen grass Hygrophila polysperma – hygro

Ipomoea aquatica – water spinach
Ipomoea fistulosa
Lagarosiphon spp. – African elodea Limnocharis flava – Sawa flowing rush Lymnophila sessiliflora – ambulia
Lythrum salicaria – purple loosestrife Melaleuca quinquenervia – melaleuca
Mimosa pigra – giant sensitive plant, cat’s claw Monochoria hastata

Monochoria vaginalis
Myriophyllum spicatum – Eurasian watermilfoil Nechamandra alternifolia
Oryza rufipogon – wild Red rice
Pistia stratiotes – waterlettuce
Pontederia rotundifolia – tropical pickerelweed Salvinia spp., (excluding S. minima) Schinus terebinthifolius – Brazilian-pepper-tree Sparganium erectum – Exotic bur-reed Stratiotes aloides – water-aloe, soldier plant Trapa spp. – water chestnut
Vossia cuspidate – hippo grass

Site: http://nationalplantboard.org/wp-content/uploads/docs/summaries/florida.pdf

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