Complete Hydroponics Root XL vs Canna Rhizotonic

 The most important part of a growing plant has to be the roots. From nutrient absorption to grounding plants in soil or soilless media, roots are the life line for plants. It is important to keep roots happy and strong, to do so there are a verity of products that aid in the process.

Both Complete Hydroponics Root XL and Canna Rhizotonic are formulated to help roots grow strong and healthy. But what’s the difference between the two? And what’s the difference between every other root system enhancers?

The first thing you compare when buying any supplement is the NPK percentages written on the front of most products. This is usually the biggest difference between product brands.

In this case, Complete Hydroponics Root XL has an NPK of 0.6-0-0.6 and Canna Rhizotonic and an NPK of 0.6-0.2-0.6. What does this mean? Well the NPK is the percent of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (in that order) in the formula of the each product. So you can see that Canna has 0.2 percent Phosphorus and Complete Hydroponics has 0 Phosphorus in their Root XL formula.

Some other things you might want to look at is if the product you are looking into works on the media you intend to use it on. Both Complete Hydroponics Root XL and Canna Rhizotonic work on all media, including hydroponic systems, and can also be sprayed on the leaves. This is important to look into because some products are for soil use only and others are for hydroponic use only. Mixing those up can greatly decrease your plants yield, hurt your plant, or even burn the roots on your plants.

When comparing both products, Complete Hydroponics Root XL has a major impact on the rhizosphere–the substrate area directly around the roots, which gives easy access to vitamins, helping the plants get stronger and the roots grow larger while saving energy the plant can use later in its life cycle. Root XL also plays a major role in directing the plant’s processes (expenditure of energy) by altering the communication channels and the intracellular messages. While Canna Rhizotonic is a vegetative stimulator for roots. It speeds up the growth of roots and stimulates new roots to grow. It also speeds up the growth of a balanced root environment.

Complete Hydroponics Root XL is a formulation of organic and natural hormones derived from the marine algae: Ascophyllum Nodosum, which has extraordinary benefits when used in plant nutrients. Canna Rhizotonic is algae based too, 100% natural, with about 60 microbiological substances.


Stress is a big factor for all living things, it can weaken immune systems and even kill nervous systems. Plants are no exception to this. Looking into products that help destress your plants is a vital part of keeping them healthy.

Complete Hydroponics Root XL promotes the plant’s resistance to stress, heat and drought while also improving its immune system and maximizing its overall health and vigor  of the plant, and promotes resistance to disease. Canna Rhizotonic also has a calming effect on plants and relieves stress and can also be used as a simple means for raising the pH level in fertilizer tanks.

Overall, both products aim to help keep roots healthy and happy. Happy roots make for a happy plant, and a happy plant makes for a happy grower!

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