More Customers!

So it all amounts to this: Getting new and more recurring customers, all making bigger dollar purchases, and expanding your store/brand awareness.

There are a few things to keep in mind now that you have a hydroponics retail store:

1) Competition is cutthroat.

2) Prices are low and margins even lower.

3) Customers demand perfection and a greater value with every sale.

There are a couple of things that a new hydroponics store can do to overcome the easy (weaker) weaker competition at little to no cost.

1) Get your store on every business directory that you can find and make sure that all listings have the exact same information; this makes it easier for search engines to find you thus giving you better placements in the results. The better placement you get in the search results the more likely a potential customer will click on your listing. Here is a list of free business listings: Google Maps, Bing Places, Yahoo Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Greenbook Pages, Grow Store Finder.

2) Make a website. Make a blog. Make social pages like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. A website is ultra-necessary nowadays, with it people can learn about you, your services, your products, and your value proposition over the competition. A blog within a website helps to aggregate more search terms from where a search engine can pull thus giving you a better landing spot in the searches. Now, social pages take work – but the pay big! Create a following of people, connect with your clientele, and keep them inform of what is going on in your business.

3) Even after getting your information into everyone of those directories, a nice-looking webpage, and social media with friendly and competent content it still takes time for you to start coming up in the first page (or top 3 results within the first page), and even more time for customers to start calling or walking in through the door. This is where a little bit of advertising money can be spent.

A) Create a Google Adwords campaign and select you audience to you specific city. Here is a little bit of info on the hydro grower: 90% males between the ages of 21-45.

B) Create Facebook ads targeting the people engaged with the competition’s Facebook pages and only in your city or the counties nearby. This already guarantees you people that have bought from your competitors.

C) Go to the postal office, print deliverable brochures and have them send your brochures to the residential zip codes near your store.

These small tips and hints should help you to save some money and time, while at the same time help you build your business and clientele as fast as possible.

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