Hydroponic plants grow better!

During our life we have grown with the idea that only the combination of soil, water, and sunshine is necessary for a plant to grow, but no one has shown us a different alternative.

It is true that plants need nutrients, light, and water to survive but they don’t necessarily have to get everything from the soil. In the soil, nutrients are scattered and diluted. For this reason, plants must make an effort and expend considerable time and energy to grow and spread its root in order to reach and find the elements it needs to grow. In hydroponic farming, the plants do not have to go through this energy-draining process of searching and finding nutrients because everything is already there.

It also means they do not need extensive root systems since all the nutrients they need are immediately available. Hydroponic plants can grow twice faster than soil-grown plants because they do not have to waste time and energy developing extensive and complex root systems.

In hydroponics, the required nutrients are directly supplied to the plant roots, thus enabling the plants to grow well and healthy in a smaller spaces. With hydroponic gardening plant density is quadrupled, yields are more productive, and plants’ potential grows 5 times more for the given space.

The beauty of hydroponics and its results is given by the combination of plants’ genetics, a good nutrients, and the care provided by those who grow them.

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